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Communicate Better.
Spread Knowledge.

Quickly acclimate new employees with automated training programs that minimize ongoing HR and departmental effort.

INXPO Solution: Learning

Training & Continuing Education

Develop a more effective workforce by educating corporate learners, tracking learning progress, providing certification, and analyzing knowledge gaps.

INXPO Solutions: Learning Training
  • Scheduled and self-paced virtual classroom
  • Engagement through gamification, badging, and interaction
  • Mentoring and peer to peer community support

Employee Onboarding & Ongoing Compliance

Quickly acclimate new employees with automated training programs that minimize ongoing HR and department effort.

  • Corporate onboarding for policies and procedures
  • Core values and organizational culture
  • Ongoing compliance assurance, tracking, and certification
INXPO Solutions: Learning Onboarding

Workshops & Seminars

Extend the reach and lower the cost of educational seminars and events with online extensions and virtual-only sessions.

INXPO Solutions: Learning Workshops
  • Personalized pre- and post- session recommendations and follow up
  • Community interaction and user support
  • Real-time interactive attendee feedback and certification tracking

Mondelez Case Study

INXPO Solutions Case Study

70% of trainees would recommend using a virtual format for training to colleagues after using INXPO's platform.


With over 100,000 dispersed employees worldwide, the marketing workforce needed a web-based enterprise training program that could be quickly scaled and mimic face-to-face training at a fraction of the cost.


Mondelez leveraged the online events platform to create a virtual classroom that included video, group work and handouts that were presented in short, bit sized pieces for quick and easy consumption.