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Company Overview

INXPO provides you with the technology to produce live online events powered by video to create authentic and interactive web experiences, extending your reach, driving engagement and maximizing ROI.

The Power to Reach

Create end-to-end online event experiences that inspire audiences to action.
INXPO’s Event Cloud® empowers organizations to leverage video to reach their stakeholders through engaging online events — on any device, at any time. Our solutions for Marketing, Corporate Communications, Training and Sales Enablement are trusted by many of the world’s most esteemed enterprises, including Aon, Cisco, Gap, Microsoft and UnitedHealthcare, to create memorable online experiences.

INXPO Power to Reach, communicate through live and on-demand video with our digital broadcast solution from INXPO

Our Product Development Philosophy

Events have evolved. Audiences interact and participate in programs differently today with a multitude of devices, formats, and consumption methods. INXPO's Event Cloud® event technology platform, connects people in an authentic and intuitive manner using live video to bring the experience to life.

  • High quality video: Live and on-demand streaming that scales to tens of thousands
  • Any device, at any time: Full mobile experience or second screen for on-site audiences
  • Engagement: Innovative social tools that transform passive experiences into interactive ones
  • Enterprise grade: Security, reliability and availability, flexible integrations, metrics and KPIs to understand program performance
  • Intuitive user experience: Easy administration and end user interface
INXPO Product Philosophy, INXPO creates high quality online events and webcasts across any device that are engaging, reliable

Our Core Values

INXPO core values: knowledge, INXPO creates programs with meaningful value to professionals for B2B and B2C audiences Knowledge
We are experts in our field.
At INXPO, we believe that the more knowledgeable our teams are, the better the INXPO Event Cloud® platform and related services will be, resulting in the best online event experiences. As such, we only hire the best and brightest in the industry and continue to invest in their knowledge to make sure they stay the best.
INXPO core values: care, INXPO values its relationship with clients and fulfilling their needs through a high level of service Care
We put our people first, from our employees to our customers, partners and communities.
We believe this helps us focus on what we are all working for. Each and every member of our team is committed to the success of our customer’s events, which allows us to build mutually rewarding ongoing relationships.
INXPO core values: innovation, INXPO's innovative products include feature-rich webcasts and next generation video portals Innovation
We are revolutionizing event experiences.
Ideation is constantly driving our organization as we continue to develop the Event Cloud®, the world’s largest, most accessible, flexible and cost effective event space. Reinventing event experiences is our passion and pushing the limits with our video streaming technology is how we plan to move organizations forward.


While businesses in general gain from the use of online destinations for marketing, training, corporate communications, and sales enablement the benefits to the population as a whole cannot be overlooked. We believe the resulting reduction in travel and costs will improve the overall quality of the event by giving people time back in their day to focus on what matters most, the event experience. In addition, when you cut back on travel you contribute immensely to reducing carbon emissions, thereby improving the overall environment.

INXPO sustainability, INXPOs webcasting reduces the need for travel which in turn reduces carbon emissions