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INXPO Announces Second Screen for XPOCAST Interactive Webcasting in Latest Product Release

Second Screen bridges the communication gap between the physical and virtual audience.

Chicago, IL - June 17, 2014

Second Screen Application Press Release

INXPO announces the launch of the 12.1 product release of its interactive webcasting and virtual events platform that includes a new Second Screen application that promotes audience participation. Second screen will be available on Friday, June 20, 2014 along with other enhancements including XPOCAST Prime, Content Tagging and Program Wizard.

Included with this release, the new Second Screen application enables physical audiences to join the conversation via their mobile device for an interactive and engaging experience with the speaker and virtual participants during a live presentation. Members of the audience can type questions, respond to polls, take tests, and Tweet from their phone, tablet or laptop. Second Screen delivers webcast interaction directly to the palm of your hand.

Second Screen will change how audiences consume and engage with content. Rich Hawkinson, EVP, Product Services commented, "Second Screen transforms passive presentation attendees into an engaged audience of active participants who through their feedback and interaction actually become part of the presentation."

The June 20th, 12.1 product release includes a number of enhancements across the platform including Content Tagging, which allows presentations, documents and videos to be tagged and filtered for ease of search within the platform. Updates to the Program Wizard include new metric access, invite scheduling capabilities, and new media types for a better user experience. Also the ability to broadcast higher quality video webcasts has been made possible with enhancements to XPOCAST's support for H.264.

The product enhancements from the 12.1 product release come as an answer to INXPO's dedication to providing the most powerful enterprise digital communication platform that delivers interactive webcasts and branded environments that help businesses connect with their audience.

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