A Complete Guide to Live Streaming


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Modern Business Communication Through Live Streaming

Live streaming takes real-time coverage of an event and broadcasts it directly to where your audience is tuning in through destinations such as: webcasts, online events, social channels, and OTT devices like Roku or Apple TV.

Access INXPO's Virtual Events through any mobile device to connect mobile virtual and physical audiences

Our Live Streaming Playbooks will teach you:

  • Benefits of Live Streaming
  • How to Syndicate Content
  • Case Studies & Use Cases
  • Steps to Getting Started
  • Leveraging Data to Track Success

Live Streaming in use

See how HIMSS reached 1M impressions utilizing INXPO's Broadcast STUDIO to create the first healthcare network.


In this case study video, HIMSS teams up with INXPO to premiere HIMSS TV at their annual conference to drive engagement.

Customer Success Story
Case Study - HIMSS TV

HIMSS TV - Video Case Study