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Quality content is a key to reaching and engaging audiences. INXPO helps enterprises to identify, create and deliver great content for their webcasts, online events and ongoing video communication programs.

Successful video programs offer content that is fresh and timely, reflect the audience's interests, and are created using designated content managers following an editorial calendar.

How do you create content for your Enterprise webcasts or online event?

INXPO Online Learners Best Practices Guide

Identifying and creating engaging content requires a consistent effort. Organizations that deliver successful video programs follow these leading practices:

  • Create an editorial calendar. A cadence of video programming helps to inspire new content as well as cultivate interest from your target audiences. A predictable schedule for content helps instill the habit of tuning in to your programming.
  • Focus on fresh, timely content. Enterprises are dynamic, and so should be their webcasting programs. By focusing on delivering fresh and relevant content, enterprises can better inform and engage with their audiences.
  • Survey the audience. What kind of webcasts or content does your audience most want to see? Ask them! Polls and surveys about new topics help make programming interactive and can provide strong support for future content creation.
  • Designate content managers. Engaging content doesn't generate itself, and gathering content across an enterprise can be a full-time task. Successful organizations have found it helpful to designate content managers and leaders to ensure control over the flow of content.

Services: Content Strategy, Creative Consulting

Services: Content

Create unique and engaging destinations to host your targeted content when you consult with our creative and content teams.

Leveraging an enterprise video platform to deliver great content

Work with a partner who knows how an audience interacts with interactive video platforms. INXPO takes a consultative approach understanding that audience's need to engage with your content and have the right tools to make it happen.

INXPO's Customer: VMWare
Starting at planning and executing; then continuing through to the post-mortem, INXPO is there every step of the way.

– Hideo Esaka, Director, Americas Demand Generation, VMware

INXPO's Customer: Informatica
We here at Informatica are really pleased with the partnership with INXPO, the customer support, the technology, the advanced thinking in terms of how people are using this technology to engage and create persistent virtual communities. These are all the reasons why we're working with INXPO and have established a strong partnership with them.

– Jill Hulme, Principal Manager, Global Marketing Campaigns, Informatica