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Deploying an enterprise communications program can seem daunting. It doesn't need to be, however. With INXPO's Webcasting, Online Events and Business TV solutions, enterprises have a simple, effective way to deliver live and on-demand content that reaches and engages audiences.

Launching successful enterprise communications programs entails setting a plan, dividing the programs into manageable components, and relying on an experienced partner.

How to deploy an enterprise video portal or webcast program.

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Enterprises that deploy successful communications programs have some common attributes. Leading practices in program deployment include:

  • Familiarity with the content. Choosing an individual that Understands the content that is being delivered increases the presenters' confidence. It's important for all presenters to practice delivering their messages ahead of time.
  • Setting a plan. A clear understanding and articulation of the video or webcast program's goals is a vital first step. What does your organization most need to communicate to its audience? What are the best ways to reach that audience? What is the desired outcome of those communications? The answers to these questions inform and guide your organization in creating your communications plan.
  • Break deployment into manageable parts. A timeline is a critical tool in deploying video communication programming. Successful organizations have learned that breaking up a program into smaller components is a more manageable way to launch, and it helps build momentum to achieve the larger plan.
  • Use an experienced enterprise video partner. Deploying an effective enterprise communications program involves planning and execution. An experienced enterprise video partner that has conducted many such programs and has a track record of success is a wise investment.

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Deploy successful events with proper IT readiness, and contingency plans. With live day event management rest easy knowing your event is in the hands of the experts.

Proof that INXPO knows Enterprise Video Deployment

We work with our clients to put together an outline, starting with their goals and content to meet their business strategy and success metrics.

The most exciting part was seeing all this come together. Right when we started, we just saw the professional quality that we were producing together here in the studio. That was really exciting and energizing for all of us. It really was a fantastic experience. We're all sold that this is definitely going to be part of our mix, and it will allow us to do things more frequently. It exceeded people's expectations.

– Doug Hughes, Chief Sales Officer, McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education - Video Case Study

Partnering with INXPO allowed us to create a hybrid conference experience in a consultative approach, pioneering the way our members can interact and consume content.

– Greeley Koch, Executive Director, ACTE Global

ACTE - Video Case Study