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Measure and Evaluate

An enterprise communications program's success is directly tied to how well it reaches and engages the target audience. Measuring and evaluating your communications are key steps in developing successful programs. INXPO's Webcasting, Online Events and Business TV solutions provide enterprises with reporting and analytics that make it easy to measure audience engagement and identify opportunities to improve their communications.

Enterprises benefit from objective and subjective ways of measuring their communications. Evaluating communications programs helps ensure the programs reach and retain their intended audience.

How to evaluate your enterprise webcasts, online events and video programming

Enterprises should consider both objective and subjective ways of measuring their communications to get a well-rounded picture of performance. Some questions you may want to ask can include:

  • How well are you reaching your audience?
  • Are you retaining people for the duration of your program?
  • How loyal is your audience?
  • Do they keep returning to view your programming?
  • Are they engaging with your content?
  • How often does the audience respond to polls?

INXPO's solutions provide tools to track these objective measures and key performance indicators to show enterprises how well they're connecting with their audience. Each organization will have its own subjective measures for their communications, such as cost savings and employee satisfaction. Combining both objective and subjective indicators provides a clear picture of the overall effectiveness of your communications.

Services: Measurement, Data Integration

Services: Deployment

Measure and nurture your audiences with INXPO's real time reporting and API integration to your marketing automation platforms.

Hear from customers who used the INXPO solutions to measure their programs success

Using the INXPO platform clients can immediately measure and analyze content, speaker and audience performance to track their program ROI.

INXPO's Customer: Association of Corporate Travel Executives
We surveyed the folks who participated in the online (Associate of Corporate Travel Executives) conference, and 62% of them said this will make them want to attend an ACTE event in the future in person. We had an 85%-plus satisfaction rate. The other stat we looked at was 60% of the participants were not members of ACTE, so we've expanded our reach and the public relations of our association so that more people will want to be a part of it.

– Greeley Koch, Executive Director, Association of Corporate Travel Executives

INXPO's Customer: Learning Ally
Post-conference surveys revealed overwhelmingly positive audience approval for the content of the conference as well as the hosting platform that delivered it. Learning Ally's team was so encouraged by these results that several more virtual conferences are already being planned for the coming year.

– Mark Brugger, Senior Program Manager, Learning Ally

INXPO's Customer: AON
INXPO's Business TV is directly impacting sales, notably helping us to sign a major client within days after viewing video content on the platform.

– Marketing Executive, Aon plc