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The ability to engage an audience is a function of both compelling content and the manner in which it's delivered by the presenter. Presenting well is challenging for many people, but INXPO helps make it easier to reach and inspire audiences to action. INXPO's Webcasting, Online Events and Business TV solutions empower communicators to deliver content that turns passive listeners into active participants.

Compelling presentations start with presenters who are comfortable on camera, familiar with the content and use stories to convey their message.

How to choose a presenter for your Enterprise video programs and webcasts

Lite Paper: How to be an engaging speaker

Successful organizations are adept at communicating to both internal and external audiences. They do this by mining and developing their own communications talent to deliver compelling messages. Leading practices in developing strong presenters include:

  • Familiarity with the content. Choosing an individual that Understands the content that is being delivered increases the presenters' confidence. It's important for all presenters to practice delivering their messages ahead of time.
  • Storytelling. Stating facts or exhorting audiences to action can be dry and disengaging. The ability to relate information through stories is a powerful way to connect with and engage audiences. Providing real-life or hypothetical examples also helps presenters illustrate points.
  • Seek internal talent. Most organizations have people with natural ability or comfort in presenting on camera and to groups. Coaching colleagues to convey messages on behalf of your organization, where appropriate, is a good way to make messages relatable and authentic.

Services: Presenter Training, Video Capture Services

Services: Presenters

Looking to brush up on your presentation skills or want to present your content in a new creative way? Look no further than INXPO.

How do you leverage presenters and their content?

Having a great understanding of your audience and how presenters can engage with them will help you create more meaningful content.

INXPO's Customer: ASAE
The platform that INXPO provided was easy to use, and helped our attendees make valuable connections with both content leaders and fellow attendees.

– Brian Kirkland, Senior Director of Learning, ASAE

INXPO's Customer: JAFRA
Our work-at-home consultants are busy and hard to engage. With INXPO, we created BeYOUtiful, our online portal for onboarding, training, leadership communications, and community best practice sharing.

– Camillo Velez, Digital Strategy Manager, JAFRA