Drive Performance With Training Events

Get everyone in your organization moving in the same direction so they can learn more, faster, improving time to productivity with Employee Onboarding and Continuing Education.

INXPO Training Solution: Employee Onboarding & Ongoing Compliance

Employee Onboarding & Ongoing Compliance

Quickly acclimate new employees with automated training programs that minimize ongoing HR and departmental effort.

  • Corporate onboarding for policies and procedures
  • Core values and organizational culture
  • Ongoing compliance assurance, tracking, and certification


Develop a more effective workforce by educating corporate learners, tracking learning progress, providing certification, and analyzing knowledge gaps.

  • Scheduled and self-paced virtual classroom
  • Engagement through gamification, badging, and interaction
  • Mentoring and peer to peer community support
INXPO Training Solution: Certification
INXPO Training Solution: Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Extend the reach and lower the cost of educational seminars and events with online extensions and virtual-only sessions.

  • Personalized pre- and post- session recommendations and follow up
  • Community interaction and user support
  • Real-time interactive attendee feedback and certification tracking

Sample of our Training Customers:

Jafra uses INXPO's Training solution to empower thier consultants to expand business
Mondelez partnered with INXPO to provide compliance training to thier dispersed offices
PCMA uses INXPO to host a 365 learning environment for its members as well as host their hybrid event broadcasts
P&G partners with INXPO to host town halls and internal communication programs and events
SAP empowers thier new hires with virtual onboarding powered by INXPO


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Jafra BeYOUtiful:

Onboarding and business marketing for consultants


Our work-at-home consultants are busy and hard to engage and are in need of a destination to help them learn and grow in their business without having to leave the comfort of their home.


An onboarding, training, leadership communications and community best practices online portal that engages consultants beyond physical boundaries.