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The Webcasting World Has Changed.

HTML5 Is Here!

HTML5 Webcasting Is Here

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Experience the ultimate streaming technology with HTML5 webcasts powered by the INXPO Event Cloud®

Here's what you can enjoy with the next generation in webcasting and HTML5 technology:

INXPO's HTML5 webcasting platform is the next generation in webcasts and online events

Image preview of single-stream layout for video & slides

  • Simplified and flexible audio and video feeds
  • Multi-speaker displays and audio-detection for real time video conversations
  • Responsive interaction adjusts to your device of choice
  • Interactive and animated content without plugins
  • One-click Screen Share for use anytime within a webcast
  • Rehearsal mode and device readiness testing built in for peace of mind
  • Content encryption options for sensitive information


All this and much more! Join us for beta, or contact us to learn more.