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High Quality Interactive Streaming, Simplified.
Reach and engage your audience anywhere.

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INXPO STUDIO Broadcast Quality Streaming - Simplified

The power to reach is only a click away.

INXPO STUDIO HTML5 Webcasting is Here!

INXPO STUDIO simplifies how you create broadcast quality video webcasts for your audiences.



  • Picture-in-picture modes
  • Video conferencing for real-time conversations
  • No Flash plugins for greater security and browser coverage

Communicate better and drive business results with webcasting.

INXPO WEBCASTS gives you the power to reach and engage any audience.

Use Cases:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Company Updates
  • Education & Training
  • Lead Nurturing

Product Demonstrations

Use INXPO's Webcasts platform to present product demonstrations to customers prospects and sales teams

Company Updates

Give company updates from the comfort of your desk with INXPO's Webcasts platform

Education & Training

INXPO's Webcasts platform can be used for virtual education and training programs for internal and external audiences

Lead Nurturing

INXPO's Webcasts platform can be used in lead nurturing programs to push leads into the sales funnel

Create powerful & memorable webcasts

INXPO WEBCASTS enables you to easily deliver live and on-demand presentations to any audience on any device.

INXPO's Webcasts enables you to easily deliver LIVE and On-Demand presentations to any audience on any device


  • Save time with a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Use engagement tools; chat, polling, surveys and Q&A
  • Leverage screen sharing, animated PowerPoint slides, video and more!
  • Cost effective and scalable to 100,000+ viewers in a webcast

Create, personalize, and launch a webcast in minutes

The Webcast Builder enables you to add interactive social elements like chat, polls and Q&A to foster engagement and boost interaction between presenter and audience.

Webcast Builder Features:

  • Embed webcast portals to extend program lifespan
  • Select from templates or clone a webcast
  • Incorporate interactive panels
  • Quick Start Guide to get you acquainted fast
Webcast Builder enables you to add interactive social elements like chat, polls and Q&A to foster engagement and boost interaction between presenter and audience

Industry's best mobile webcast experience

INXPO WEBCASTS enables you to provide full-featured mobile access for all of your webcasts. Your audience is mobile so your webcasting solution must reach mobile users too.

INXPO's Webcasts Platform provides a seamless mobile experience for its users

Mobile Features:

  • Watch live or on-demand video
  • View PowerPoint Slides, screen sharing
  • Chat with other attendees
  • Live Q&A with presenter
  • Surveys, polls, and social media integration

Robust webcasting analytics & reporting

INXPO WEBCASTS provides a full range of reports you'll use to accelerate your sales funnel, ensure your team is informed, and grow your business.

In-Depth Analytics:

  • Gain insights from real-time analytics and benchmark reporting
  • Integrate with your Marketing Automation or CRM platform
  • PDF and image chart exporting
  • Metrics for email tracking
  • View chat engagement
INXPO's Metrics Dashboard track attendee activity in real time to help you measure your video program success


Learn first-hand how INXPO WEBCASTS has helped our customers succeed in reaching their audiences.

Case Study - Informatica

Informatica - Video Case Study



In this case study video, Informatica teams up with INXPO to reach a global audience with an important webcast.

Customer Success Story